Childhood Reflections on Death, War, and Uncertainty


Fourteen faces, as diverse as the colors of a rainbow overarching a water-logged earth, all peered back during this virtual meeting as this team came together. The mission: to clinically debrief and to discover the best approach to supporting a 13-year-old girl whose father was violently murdered over the weekend. The Child Welfare system removed […]



The process of taking air into the lungs and then expelling it, has gained new meaning, a new normalcy of sort, within today’s volatile context.

This is who we are …


I just had a striking realization, an epiphany of sorts. This extraordinary and brutal reality that grips us daily with its twists and turns, consistently providing something else for us to worry about, as well as new concerns and challenges, and never ending adjustments, including personal losses. One can become distracted, and not see that […]

Mr. Hossein Ejtemai: Community Builder


Mr. Ejtemai joined this community in 1973 when he, accompanied by his wife Guitty, arrived from Iran to attend graduate school. Shortly after their departure, a revolution broke out in Iran making it particularly difficult for adherents of the Baha’i faith, to which he belongs, to practice their religion safely in their homeland. In the […]

Powerful Words Bring Black History Month to a Close at NCCF


NCCF’s Adolescent Services and Family Services Divisions teamed up to commemorate Black History Month with an Open Mic Night at our Bethesda campus. The event featured a showcase of the talent and creativity of agency staff and the clients that we serve. The night was a success and included an array of poets, spoken word […]

Phenomenal Women

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We must remain aware of the prevalent and nightmarish dynamics of intimate partner abuse or domestic violence. Maybe that’s why I cannot let go readily of this amazing experience I share with several homeless women who reside in NCCF’s emergency family shelters or transitional housing programs. The occasion is a Saturday afternoon event in recognition […]

Disappearing Santa

Last week, my eight-year-old granddaughter asked me, “Grammy, will you give me an iPad for Christmas?” I was sad. Oh sure, I checked with her mother and the teacher regarding the benefits of her using fun applications for mastering math and reading comprehension, and I discovered that I do not need to get the newest, […]

Super Storms

Last week I sat in a room with more than 50 women, mostly residents of the four homeless programs sponsored by NCCF in the region, mostly mothers. The invited speaker looked each of us directly in our eyes before she shared her story, carefully evaluating our individual presence, perhaps seeking access to our very spirits. […]

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