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One Hundred and Nine Years of Moxie

As many may know, this is my last year to write to you while serving at the helm of The National Center for Children and Families (NCCF). To write to you summarizing and reflecting on our community’s successful and ambitious collaboration. To write to you reminding you of the work yet to be done, and why your support means so much to s...

Sheryl Brissett Chapman


Something Good is Happening!

At The National Center for Children and Families (NCCF), we have learned that when public and private experiences come together, something great happens. We have

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NCCF’s First Responders: Appreciating Social Workers and Beyond

Today, I would like to add to that list of first responders who deserve our thanks and ask you to spend some time reflecting on all the people who are doing their part to support our clients and customers. Do not forget our Social Workers and support staff, residential assistants, youth counselors, and other line staff, who continue to serve our most vulnerable community members. Today, as they do every day, these Social Workers and support staff work in jails, shelters, residential facilities, group homes, psychiatric facilities, hospitals/emergency rooms, and nursing home facilities, risking their own health and safety to make certain others in need are thriving and well.

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NCCF's Back to School Drive 2022