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One Hundred and Nine Years of Moxie

As many may know, this is my last year to write to you while serving at the helm of The National Center for Children and Families (NCCF). To write to you summarizing and reflecting on our community’s successful and ambitious collaboration. To write to you reminding you of the work yet to be done, and why your support means so much to s...

Sheryl Brissett Chapman

Super Storms

Last week I sat in a room with more than 50 women, mostly residents of the four homeless programs sponsored by NCCF in the region,

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Letting Down the Mask

After working with angry, injured, neglected youth for over 40 years, I am accustomed to having a mask presented to me when I first meet

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Legacy of Loss or Hope?

Last week, I thought that we had managed our way soberly, but successfully, through another anniversary of 9/11, with all of its remembrances.  This bookmark

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Poverty — Keeping It Real

So I have been preoccupied with poverty lately, and the fact that it universally poses the biggest insult to a healthy childhood. The 1980 Rockefeller

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