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I just had a striking realization, an epiphany of sorts. This extraordinary and brutal reality that grips us daily with its twists and turns, consistently providing something else for us to worry about, as well as new concerns and challenges, and never ending adjustments, including personal losses. One can become distracted, and not see that […]

LOCKDOWN!: The Children Are Watching

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During this stunning period of uncertainty and risk, indeed a national emergency, we must be mindful of who is watching us, and how confident are the children feeling about getting through an essential lockdown.

Invisible and Homeless

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Over the century that The National Center for Children and Families (NCCF)has been in existence, we have held true to our core value of empowering the community to support the needs of poor and struggling children, youth and families through a comprehensive array of services which ensure a “more equitable and inclusive Montgomery County.” Our […]

The Christmas Bird: A Blog

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Faith is the bird that feels the light when the dawn is still dark – Tagor I look down and meet her eyes.  They dominate her petite face, deeply brown, and heavy.  Overburdened with a penetrating sadness.  Tears move slowly down her cheeks as if they also are held back, restrained by her intense grief. […]

Uncertainty Undermines Dreams

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You may say I’m a dreamer But I’m not the only one I hope someday you’ll join us And the world will be as one – John Lennon’s Imagine We all face uncertainty in our day-to-day lives, usually interwoven with our dreams and plans. “What if my college choice rejects me? Will I make the […]

A Letter to Our Children from Dr. Sheryl Brissett Chapman

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August, 2017 A Letter to Our Children: We adults must be very confusing at times. Too often, we have not protected you from the open and random expressions of bigotry, racism, and violence in our world, and in our community.  Most often, we fail to protect you from the endless barrage of media imagery that […]

Trinity’s Manger: A Blog

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The tumultuous and constantly changing political context of the National Capital Region has left me unbalanced recently, and somewhat uncertain… not my usual stance. That is, until the story of the death of a poor, Black baby on Christmas Day came to my attention. This ends my silence. Her name is Trinity and she died […]

The Haunting of a City

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D.C. police chief Cathy Lanier said there are no confirmed sightings of Tatum and Relisha together after March 1, and no sightings of Relisha at all after that date. –The Washington Post

Silent No More

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I have not written in many months, having retreated into silence. This is where I go when I am absolutely intrigued, or stunned, even baffled, by the complexity of human conditions. Bombarded by recent media flashes of social devastation, silence is comforting when my own perspective is confused, unclear. Uncertain about the state of the world. Silence is self-soothing when I am distressed […]

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